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Hello! We are BlackBerryApps team, and we are here to make your BlackBerry experience even more pleasant and comfortable.

For all the BlackBerry users their smartphones are the trustworthy assistants in leisure and work. You can rely on your BlackBerry phone entirely. Your gadget will assist you in organizing free time and job tasks. And it can reach the top results if you take care of fulfilling it with the right kind of soft.

On this site, you will find over 90 thousand of applications, games and visual themes for your BlackBerry. We thoroughly selected all the information about software that works on the BlackBerry OS for you.

Unlike many other sites, BlackBerryApps provides the full information about every application. We complete app’s detailed description with all possible data like the frequency of updates, supported services, the name of the software package, and the screenshots.

To find any required information use our easy search. It has an inbuilt smart algorithm that allows finding an application by describing its functions or purpose.

For your convenience, we created a blog, where you can find reviews as well. These articles will help choose the right app for your purpose. They will also be useful in case you are choosing between few applications or themes.

We constantly work to ensure that our users receive more. In the nearest future we are going to publish some necessary improvements and the latest news on apps’ popularity.

Our team consists of five BlackBerry-to-the-core fans. We use BlackBerry gadgets and software developed directly for this OS as well. We are closely connected to the smartphone world. Knowing about the variety of its products, we are still passionate about BlackBerry.

We are:

  • Tom Walsh, software tester with 7-years of experience in the field: “I prefer BlackBerry for its safety. It is difficult (read: almost impossible) to hack this phone. If you care about your data security, then this is the choice”.
  • Ronald Milton, app developer: “BlackBerry is one of the few companies that puts care into the Android software it builds. You will find yourself content using the apps with its extremely smooth interface”.
  • Matilda Ewerson, content manager: “Maybe, it is some writer’s ambition, but I don’t get along with touchscreens. I like typing, so I always tend to tablets with keyboards. When the smartphone era started, and for my job tasks I required a smartphone, it was a disaster! But the BlackBerry had saved my life! I joined a smartphone world and kept a keyboard.”
  • Mara Connelly, software designer: “I have BlackBerry KeyOne, and it has a perfect camera. For me, the visual aspect is crucial. So if the photos I make have the HDR+ mode, I can easily work with them later. It’s a flagship-level camera, that is why I prefer BlackBerry to other smartphones”.
  • Ethan Stone, web developer: “BlackBerry’s battery is one of the greatest. When I use my smartphone heavily, it only discharges in 24 hours. Amazed by this phone! You can go for a one-day trip and may easily forget about charging”.  

We know BlackBerry from the inside as it devoted users and IT-specialists. The applications and themes we advise, we tested once ourselves. No need to search in the Web, BlackBerryApps has all you need.

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