iOS and Android app transfer

If you are a devoted BlackBerry user as we are, then you certainly don’t want to replace your smartphone with any other. There are loads of things to love about BlackBerry, which are not featured on the other phones. And it makes your BlackBerry unique and irreplaceable.

Nevertheless, some things are absent on BlackBerry. And we talk about applications and games developed for Android and iOS. Some of them might be welcome in BlackBerry OS. And here comes our exclusive service to boost your BlackBerry.  

We offer you an app transfer from Android and iOS to BlackBerry. That means that the app available for other operating systems can be recreated in the same form for the BlackBerry OS. It would be an analogue for the existing one. The next stages are included:

  • the maximum possible transfer of the functionality of the original application;
  • implementation of the unique features of BlackBerry OS 10.3;
  • creation of an analogue app entirely suitable for BlackBerry OS.

If you are interested in the service, you can choose one of the following packages:

  • Android app transfer - from $199.
  • iOs app transfer - from $299.
  • iOS and Android app transfer - from $499.
  • Further support and actualization of the app - from $49/month.

For successful managing of your order, we need a detailed description of all processes and the logic of the original app. In our turn, we guarantee a complete confidentiality of this information.

App development takes 12 and more days and depends on features of the original app.

Please take note that reproduction of some specific functions is not possible. For example, we can’t integrate API Siri due to BlackBerry’s OS inability to support it.

Want to order the transfer service? Still, have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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